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FOODCASE International  present to you: 


The independent Choice


At the WTCE 2019 in Hamburg, FOODCASE together with 19 partners will show airlines, rail companies, caterers and other service providers how to select their on board F&B concepts, without compromising on the ease of ‘one stop shopping’.

Strong concepts, innovative products and excellent service through collaboration! That’s the key.


FOODCASE and its partners are convinced; our new, transparent business model is a step forward in food solutions for the travel industry.


Meet the people behind all our products!

“Shaping the world of food” 


FOODCASE represents and collaborate with some the best F&B companies in the world. 
We are very proud to work with the following 19 brands:


Swinkels family brewers,

 MV Foods,  Mezete, Squiby Foods, Summit Foods,

Artisanal Tapas, BB Horizon, Tubes, Nature, Kupiec, 

FITFORK, Fruit Funk, Up Learning, Roberts Berrie, Citrus-Gin Box, Pasta di Canossa, Freedom Brands (Nudie snacks),

Niche Food and Drink (Bare travels), H&L (Howell and Lone).