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Foodcase International strives to be a leading sustainability-driven organisation. We understand our footprint on the environment and aim to minimise it as practically possible. We rely on modern scientifically-backed evidence to find and create the least environmentally disruptive solutions.

Our CSR policy defines our approach towards environmental, social and financial sustainability.

Read more about our projects below.

Plastic Texture
Ovenable Films:
Recyclability & Degradation

In Progress

Meat and Cheese
Tapas Tray:
Packaging Revamp

In Progress

Ambient Meals:
Space-saving Pallet Reconfiguration


Space-saving Pallet Reconfiguration for Ambient Meals

  • Increased pallet volume efficiency from 75.3% to 90.1% thus improving the pallet footprint. Better space utilisation allows more meals to be transported on the same pallet

  • Use of tapeless boxes adds to handling convenience while also encouraging non contaminated recycling.

New pallet config.png

Tapas Revamp

  • Introducing a better tray for tapas offerings. Improved material with higher recyclability while delivering the same freshness and shelf life.

  • Evaluating plant-based tapas alternatives.

  • Switching from single-use plastic toothpicks to sustainable bamboo/wooden toothpicks.

Meat and Cheese
pallet reconfig ambient meals
tapas revamp
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