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About Us

We are specialists in ambient, frozen and chilled Food and Beverage concepts.

Foodcase creates innovative food and beverage solutions for the travel industry, through a combination of:

  • Ingredient knowledge and Culinary Excellence

  • Innovative Food and Beverage technologies

  • Packaging and design


In doing so, we continue to apply our founding ethos: “to Know, to Collaborate , to Create".


We represent and cooperate very closely with network of dedicated manufacturers and brands to develop products which are suitable to use on board. ​Foodcase works with dedicated manufacturing sites in Europe and in Asia.

Moreover Foodcase is experienced in assembly of boxed concepts such as breakfast, meal- and snack boxes. From 2 facilities in Poland and Spain we develop and deliver these boxes throughout the world.


Foodcase is your partner for to a successful Buy on Board (BoB) and Hybrid service strategy.

Foodcase is a full service solution partner covering all phases from concept development to production and distribution. We provide:

  • Food and retail trends insights and development strategy for:

    • BoB menu

    • Pre order

    • Complimentary service

    • Hybrid concepts

    • Brand strategy for BoB menu

  • Food and beverage R&D and Product Development team

  • Quality Assurance team.

  • Packaging design team creating suitable and airline proof packaging

  • Foodcase works on behalf of the customer and is therefore an independent advisor.

Foodcase International BV is a ISO 22000:2018 certified company. Click to view certification.

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